Game experience with Resident Evil 4

My first gaming experience with Resident Evil 4 was in May 2006. Even though I had the first 3 games under the old Play Station, this was the first horror and CG game I ever completed on Play Station 2. But the process it was not easy. thanks to my character. Leon Scott Kennedy was […]

The best way to outsource game development

The gambling market in this country has grown tremendously in recent years. With the introduction of smartphones, tablets and other devices, the gaming industry has become increasingly popular in recent years. People are looking for games that are more and more exciting and visually appealing. 2D / 3D games are the most popular among young […]

Free WOW servers promise free games

First of all, almost like a tacit truth, free WOW games are an open secret that only a few notice. Blizzard charges a high subscription fee of $ 15 per month, requiring players to make payments immediately, regardless of the time spent on the server. However, it is difficult for WOW players to justify the […]